What to consider when choosing an enterprise 2-in-1 device

Speed and storage

Most 2-in-1 Ultrabook hybrids have an Intel fourth-generation processor. The difference is in the Core. A Core i3 CPU offers good performance for everyday tasks, but a Core i5 chip will provide a better balance of speed and battery life.

Your new 2-in-1 should have at least 4GB of RAM, however upgraded models may contain up to 8GB like the HP Pavillion x360. Additionally, the solid state drive should be 128GB which allows your device to resume from sleep almost instantly. Budget-conscience consumers should look for a 500GB hybrid drive with flash cache, such as the Dell Inspiron 11 3000. Those looking to save money should opt for a 2-in-1 with a hybrid drive, which combines a standard hard drive with a certain amount of flash cache for maximum responsiveness.


A 2-in-1 can cost anywhere from $399 (about £249, AU$450) to more than $1,500 (about £940, AU$1,700). It’s up to you to decide on the right mix of features for you budget. While a cheaper 2-in-1 may have an older, third-generation Core processor and a lower-resolution screen, stepping up to a fourth-gen Core CPU that delivers longer battery life and better graphics can significantly increase the price.