New OLPC laptop replaces AMD with VIA

Latest OLPC XO laptop drops AMD in favour or VIA processor
Latest OLPC XO laptop drops AMD in favour or VIA processor

The One Laptop Per Child project is set to replace the AMD processor in its $199 XO laptop with a low-power replacement from VIA.

As we reported over the weekend, OLPC plans to continue with the current design look and feel of the XO lappy, merely replacing the AMD Geode LX-700 with a



"Not only is the OLPC group moving to a new, equally power-miserly processor, it's using the switch as an opportunity to give other elements of the XO a hefty upgrade," reports The Register.

"The new version, XO 1.5, will look the same as its predecessor - we'll have to wait until XO 2.0 to see if the next offering will be a less jarring-but-unmistakable green - but inside will be a number of welcome improvements."

Better video performance

Most importantly, in terms of improved performance for the beleaguered XO, the support chip, the VIA VX855 Media System Processor will provide DirectX 9.0-capable graphics, eight-channel 192kHz HD audio, support for two DDR2 memory channels, and hardware acceleration for assorted video codecs, capable of "smooth playback of high bitrate 1080p HD video."

The latest XO will ship with either a 4GB or 8GB flash drive, 1GB RAM, improved wireless networking and a better display, to allow for ease of use outdoors.

Via The Register

Adam Hartley