New LG Aurora laptops bring 'Crystalline Finish'

New LG Aurora laptops bring 'Crystalline finish
Can you spot the Crystalline Finish?

LG has unveiled two new Aurora laptops, with the LG S430 and LG S530 bringing what the company is terming a 'Crystalline Finish'

The 14 inch LG 430 and its 15.5 inch brother the S530 are all about the design, although the laptops do come equipped with second generation Intel Core i5s and up to 8GB of RAM.

"The LG 430 and the LG S530 provide an outstanding value package through their ingenious Crystalline Finish lids," explains LG's release.

NCVM tech

"Using NCVM (Non-Conductive Vapor Metallization) technology, an innovative coating process that produces a colorful metallic veneer, LG Aurora notebooks have a pellucid, glossy exterior that provides genuine value to customers through improved scratch resistance and a strengthened cover.

You'll be delighted to know that the laptops will be arriving in either Aurora Purple or Aurora Blue.

"We've designed our notebooks to offer a computing experience that is as stylish as it is powerful," said J.J. Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of LG Electronics PC Business Unit.

"With its unique Crystalline Finish, the LG S430 and LG S530 set new standards in design while offering features and functions that can compete with any notebooks in their class."

The LG S430 and S530 UK release date (as well as the US) is set for "soon" after a September launch in the Middle East Africa and Asia. No price has yet been made available.

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