Lenovo debuts IdeaPad U300s

Lenovo debuts IdeaPadU300s
The IdeaPad U300s has Intel's more powerful processors

Lenovo has delivered one of the first Intel Ultrabook implementations here at IFA 2011.

The Lenovo IdeaPad U300s UK release date is, as yet, unknown but we don't think it'll be too long before you see it on UK streets.

The new model runs various implementations of Intel's ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) variants of its Core i series processors and features SSD drives – Lenovo says the new machine can quick start in less than 10 seconds.

The laptop's key sell is that it is 15mm thick edge-to-edge; it isn't thinner on one edge like the MacBook Air. Lenovo's reason for this is that the new ultraportable is supposed to resemble a book. Quite how they arrived at this conclusion is anybody's guess.

Lenovo ideapad u300s

The model is available in a rather austere grey as well as a eye-watering orange and, as with the other Ultrabook models coming out at the show, we'll see MacBook Air price points for this level of mobile power.

Launching the new model via webcast before IFA, Michael Littler, Consumer Marketing, Product Group, Lenovo said the 300s is designed to not be "glossy and cold but warm and tactile."

"This isn't just an off-the-peg implementation of Intel's Ultrabook spec."

Lenovo ideapad u300s

Battery life is one of the big ticket features of Intel's new thin and lights, with 8 hours of what Lenovo calls "productive use" and 30 days of standby time.

The battery has a rapid charge feature which will give you 50 per cent capacity after a 30 minute charge.

Air also flows through the keyboard to keep the laptop cooler reducing temperature over both the palmrest and base.

Lenovo ideapad u300s

Intel's head of notebook product marketing, Adam King, said the new Ultrabook models are "beyond thin and light".

"It's a full-PC with uncompromised performance using Intel's ULV processors that delivers most of the performance and all of the functionality.

There's also Identity Protection technology built directly into the processor to prevent unauthorised access [in addition to iprovements in battery life in terms of use and standby time. We'll continue to deliver better battery life with every generation."

At this stage the Lenovo IdeaPad U300s will be the only Lenovo IFA launch that will be available in UK – the IdeaPad U300 (no S) laptop and IdeaPad A1 7-inch Android tab don't appear to be coming here.

In a statement, Lenovo said it "defines its product portfolio in the different countries based on market demands, user profiles and business opportunity."

In other words, Lenovo doesn't think they'd sell many here.

Lenovo ideapad u300s


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