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HP says its new Zbooks are still the thinnest and lightest around

The new HP ZBook 14 and Zbook 15u
The new HP ZBook 14 and Zbook 15u
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HP is introducing two new enterprise-focused Workstation Ultrabooks at CES 2015: the new ZBook 14 and the ZBook 15u.

The company says the new ZBooks "extend" the line's reign as the thinnest and lightest business-class notebooks around. The 14 weighs in at 3.77lb (1.71kg) and measures 13.3x9.3x.83in (339 x 237 x 21mm), while the 15 weighs 4.23lb (1.91kg) and measures .84x14.78x9.98in (375.5x253.6x21.42mm).

As enterprise-facing laptops the ZBook 14 and ZBook 15u boast top-of-the-line 3D graphics, storage and performance, according to HP.

They sport 14- and 15.6-inch screens, respectively, as well as Windows 8.1, 5th-gen Intel Core processors, AMD FirePro graphics, and up to 16GB of memory and 1.25TB of HP Z Turbo Drive solid-state storage, while the ZBook 14 has an optional touch display.

Pick your profession

With high durability as well, HP says the new ZBooks are meant for professionals in film/video editing, graphic design, CAD, education, architecture, manufacturing, finance, and healthcare.

In the same announcement HP also introduced its new DL380z Virtual Workstation platform, which it says is optimized for IT management, and Remote Graphics Software 7.1, with improved performance.

The ZBook 14 and ZBook 15u Workstation Ultrabooks are scheduled to launch wordwide this month starting at $1,249 (about £820, AU$1,550) and $1,199 (about £790, AU$1,480), respectively.