Dell knocks £350 off Adamo Desire

Dell slashes prices of its Adamo superslim laptop range
Dell slashes prices of its Adamo superslim laptop range

Following price cuts over in the US earlier this week, computing giant Dell has slashed the UK cost of its top-of-range superslim laptops, the Adamo Admire and Adamo Desire. (Read our review of the Dell Adamo).

The Dell Adamo brand was clearly an attempt to steal Apple's thunder, following the success of the market-leading and original superslim laptop, the MacBook Air.

However, what with this pesky credit crunch and worldwide economic meltdown and so on, Dell has seemingly realised that the market for very sexy-looking but very expensive netbooks is rapidly shrinking – hence the price slash on the Adamo range.

Credit crunch bites

The new pricing is £1649 for the lower config Adamo Admire and £2249 for the higher config Adamo Desire – so they are still, by no stretch of the imagination, 'value' offerings. But at least the price tags are a little more realistic now.

After all, when you buy an Apple you are clearly buying into the 'added value' the brand has to offer, whatever that means. The Dell brand does not yet have the same cachet amongst consumers.

The two Dell Adamo laptops are still pretty damn cool though, measuring just .65 inch thick with 13.4 inch displays and a solid build-quality all around.

Add to this a backlit keyboard, a miniature power adapter, Bluetooth 2.1, 802.11n wireless, and 5 hours battery life and you've got quite a nice offering indeed.

Tempted? Head to Dell's UK site for more.

Adam Hartley