Microsoft Windows boss says AI will "reinvent how you do everything"

(Image credit: Microsoft)

One of Microsoft's top executives has kicked off the company's 2023 by stating that AI is set to have a transformational effect on how most of us live and work.

Speaking at CES 2023, company Chief Product Officer Panos Panay declared that “AI is going to reinvent how you do everything on Windows, quite literally”, likening it to the effect that the development of the mouse had on graphical user interface.

Panay was speaking at AMD's CES 2023 press conference, where the company announced details of its new Ryzen 7000 mobile processors, which are set to be the first x86 chips to have their own built-in AI engine.

Future of Windows

Besides his role that sees him in charge of Windows and other Microsoft hardware, Panay also serves as CEO Satya Nadella’s advisor as Executive Vice President, which has led global audiences to read between the lines and speculate what Microsoft could be working on next.

Given that Panay then claimed that AI is “the defining technology of our time”, and just one week into 2023 it has already gained significant interest and traction, it’s clear that Microsoft has further developments in mind.

Late last year, we already saw Microsoft demonstrate its Windows 11 Voice Focus feature on an ARM device, designed to eliminate distracting background noise in video conferencing and other office software without using the CPU or GPU, however the possible uses of a dedicated AI engine could extend beyond this as the company uses AMD’s chips in more devices.

Apple already has its own version of voice isolation and video background blurring technologies, ameliorated by its M-series chips, however as the technology becomes more ingrained in our everyday computing needs, the foundations that underpin and essentially allow AI on our in-home devices will only become more prevalent. 

Previously requiring large, powerful GPUs, Panay hopes that the latest round of more efficient AMD-powered devices could unlock benefits beyond the realms of AI, including extended battery life and overall performance. 

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