Microsoft Teams is about to eat up even more of your day

Microsoft Teams
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Microsoft is set to roll out an update for Teams that could increase the amount of time users spend on the collaboration platform each day.

As per a new entry in the company’s product roadmap, the Microsoft Teams app store will soon receive an upgrade that makes it easier to identify the most useful third-party integrations on a user-by-user basis.

“With the redesigned Teams Store, you’ll find a landing page optimized for ease of discoverability with rotating banners at the top that spotlight interesting apps and scenarios,” explained Microsoft.

“You’ll also get intelligent recommendations - like features apps and those popular amongst your colleagues. And editorial articles that surface collections of apps that address common scenarios.”

As part of the same update, Microsoft will also rejig the app categories to make it simpler for users to find apps they are actively searching for, including those built and deployed by in-house developers.

The new-look app store is still under development, but should roll out to all users at some point next month.

Microsoft Teams apps

Although collaboration platforms like Teams, Zoom and Slack offer a deep range of in-built functionality (video conferencing, VoIP, messaging, file-sharing etc.) vendors have worked hard to build upon this foundation with third-party integrations.

Since the start of the pandemic, Microsoft has repeatedly reiterated its intention to turn Teams into a central hub for work. By building as wide a range of functionality into the platform as possible - from cloud storage and CRM to project management, calendering and more - the company hopes to eliminate issues that arise as a result of app overload.

“Over the last year, we have found new ways to create engaging virtual experiences at work. We’ve transformed spaces in our homes to offices, developed new skill sets for remote collaboration, and in some cases, adopted new technology to get work done,” said Nicole Herskowitz, Teams GM at Microsoft, a few months back.

“I often hear from our customers about the burden of using different tools to accomplish similar tasks at work. This is one of the reasons I’m excited to give you more ways to use the tool you rely on every day.”

With the arrival of the new app store next month, Microsoft will hope to further its campaign to make Teams the only app workers need.

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