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The Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ could be its most secure yet

Microsoft Surface 7+ for Business
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has revealed some more details regarding the Surface Pro 7+ for Business it recently announced at CES 2021. 

According to the company, the new device is not only three times faster than its predecessor, the Surface Pro 7, but will also come with enhanced hardware security features.

In a new blog post, Microsoft outlined the risk posed by escalation of privilege attacks, which enable threat actors to fully compromise an individual’s device and operating system. To combat these threats, Microsoft developed a couple of hardware-based capabilities, including virtualization-based security (VBS) and Hypervisor-protected code integrity (HVCI). The Redmond-based firm also confirmed that these security solutions would be packaged with the Surface Pro 7+.

“Today, Microsoft announced that the new Surface Pro 7+ for Business will ship with these Windows enhanced hardware security features enabled out of the box to give customers even stronger security that is built-in and turned on by default,” a Microsoft security blog explained

“The Surface Pro 7+ for Business joins existing recently shipped devices like the Surface Book 3, Surface Laptop Go, and the Surface Pro X in enabling VBS and HVCI by default.”

Mobility and security

In addition to its security credentials, the Surface Pro 7+ also boasts Intel's new 11th-gen processors and promises up to 15 hours of battery life from a single charge.

The Surface Pro 7+ is specifically designed to provide more mobility to employees as the world continues to embrace remote working. The Surface Pro 7+ comes with the option of 4G LTE Advanced and support for Wi-Fi 6 as standard to give users more connectivity options.

The adoption of mass remote working during the coronavirus crisis has helped to keep workers safe but it has also introduced further security challenges for businesses. As a result, the extra hardware security enhancements packaged with the Surface Pro 7+ are sure to be welcomed by firms and employees alike.