Microsoft no longer sells the original Xbox One

While the 4K-compatible Xbox One X isn't being billed as a next-generation console, it's plenty clear the first model of Microsoft's Xbox One is meant to be a thing of the past.

Months after being discontinued from manufacturing, Microsoft has officially stopped selling original models of the Xbox One, according to Kotaku UK.

At the time of writing, Microsoft's UK store has marked the 'classic' Xbox One as unavailable, though the US store still has a few units left — but only as refurbished models.

This means that going forward, the slimmed-down Xbox One S and the upcoming Xbox One X will be the primary choices for prospective Xbox owners, which just makes things a lot easier, honestly. 

That model was soooo 2013

Not only does paring down to just two models make it simpler for consumers, but we can also see the first-wave Xbox One being too redundant for Microsoft to bother keeping in stock.

The Xbox One S not only takes up 40% less space than its bulky predecessor, but also supports HDR streaming and movies. Meanwhile, the Xbox One X (launching November 7) is billed as a gaming powerhouse with native 4K gaming capability.

The only thing the original Xbox One really has going for it that the others lack is a built-in Kinect port. Even then, newer models can still make use of the once-mandatory camera using a special adapter. (Remember that brief period when you needed a Kinect to use the Xbox One? What a time!)

Should you still have your original Xbox One from 2013, congratulations — you now have a collector's item! Otherwise, we say avoid the temptation to save some cash on the older model and just spring for one of the newer (and in our opinion, better) consoles.

Parker Wilhelm
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