Microsoft Edge is making it easier than ever to find the webpage you're looking for

Microsoft Edge
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A more intelligent and intuitive way to search online is coming soon to the Microsoft Edge web browser.

A new posting in the Microsoft 365 roadmap has revealed that Microsoft Edge v.89 will come with support for natural language search on the address bar, history search page, and the history hub.

This improved capability should make Microsoft Edge deliver smarter and more accurate results when used to search for items online.

Microsoft Edge search

The upgrade, coming in the next edition of Microsoft Edge sometime soon, will allow users a greater amount of flexibility and variety in what exactly they search for using the browser.

For example, Microsoft says that users will be able to search for previously viewed page content or subject description, from any particular point of time - such as "cake recipe from last week"

This is in addition to searching for specific titles or URL keyword matches, hopefully giving users greater accuracy in their results.

The news comes shortly after Microsoft also announced another similarly time-saving tool for those using online forms in Edge. The new autofill tool will let users search for previously-entered text, and instantly complete forms that don't usually support autofill.

Referred to officially "user-initiated search for autofill suggestions", the feature will allow users to manually search for saved data to fill in forms that aren't working with autofill for whatever reason. While not quite as fast or efficient as normal automatic form-filling, it should still be faster than typing everything out manually.

Microsoft has also recently revealed plans to add a number of new features including web widgets, tab search and an extension menu to its Edge browser in its next big update. At the moment, the software giant is currently testing out a news + weather widget that will include headlines directly from Bing’s MSN news feed.

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