Microsoft Authenticator is getting its own password manager

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One of Windows 10's top security tools is getting a new tool that will help individuals manage their passwords.

Microsoft Authenticator uses encrypted messaging to generate a secure code that allows individuals to access their personal accounts, using their smartphone as an authentication device.

Now it appears that Microsoft Authenticator will soon be gaining password management functionality, giving users the ability to sync and manage their passwords from Microsoft’s Edge browser. Basically, the new password management functionality will work by allowing Microsoft Edge users to manage and store their passwords in Authenticator – once they have updated their settings to allow Authenticator to autofill passwords.

The new feature has currently only been spotted in beta A/B testing for iOS and Android apps, but it does appear to be making its way to more users of late.

Password protected

By bringing password management to Authenticator, Microsoft is creating a smoother experience for individuals that regularly switch between desktop and smartphone devices. Previously, although Edge included some password management features within its desktop settings, there was no standalone app boasting similar functionality.

It is not clear when password management will be offered to all Microsoft Authenticator users but the feature has been trialed since at least November, giving Microsoft a fair while to iron out any kinks already.

Although passwords remain the predominant method of authenticating users, they are highly susceptible to hacking. Password management tools help individuals avoid ‘password fatigue’ while also adding an extra layer of protection. Earlier this year, however, Microsoft warned that a two-factor authentication approach should not be relied upon to safeguard users, pointing them in the direction of multi-factor approaches, including those found within the Microsoft Authenticator app.

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