McAfee unveils latest security offering, with a boosted VPN

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Security giant McAfee has revealed the latest generation of its online protection suite, including a significant boost to its native VPN offering.

The company says that its new platform is designed to dovetail with the increase in working from home, offering business-focused tools and services alongside its usual focus on individual and consumer security.

Along with an upgraded VPN service that offers easier access and anti-malware device protection via one central log-in, the new platform looks to address a number of issues arising from users increasingly working from home.

McAfee 2021

The company recently carried out research that found 375 new threats per minute, attributed to a rise in fraudulent apps, phishing scams and malware.

To address this, McAfee WebAdvisor now provides a warning when visiting websites that can be used by cybercriminals to gain remote access to your PC. The company says it has also enhanced its machine learning capabilities to cut down on the time it takes to detect emerging malware threats, and improve protection against file-less threats.  

McAfee has also boosted its social media protection following further research by the company that found over a quarter (27%) of social media users have received a dodgy link via social messaging services, and a further 20% have fallen victim to fake discounts or deals via social channels. Users will also now get a clearer view of when mobile apps request personal information, with app privacy now integrated into the main scan of Android devices.  

“Now, and looking to the future, consumers will continue to need improved, integrated, intuitive protection for all aspects of their digital lives- from working to shopping, learning and entertaining from home,” said Jesús Sanchez-Aguilera, head of EMEA Consumer at McAfee. 

“We’re confident that our latest products offer consumers the right solutions that allow them to enjoy their connectivity and focus on what matters most to them- their family and their friends.”  

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