First pics of new Sony Vaio netbook

New Vaio P series netbook spotted on CES monitor - official announcement from Sony imminent

Sony's teaser campaign for the not-so-secret Sony Vaio P series of high-end netbooks is almost at an end.

And while we wait for the 'official' announcement tomorrow, pictures of the Vaio netbook/subnotebook (with differences of opinion on what category it comes under already) are circulating at CES.

Hilariously, the pics were spotted on a monitor in a CES exhibition space – and quickly snapped for posterity (or were they leaked in order to engender a spontaneous 'teaser' PR job for Sony yet again? Conspiracists will no doubt be discussing this issue for literally hours, days even...)

Chicklet keyboard, tiny nub

Engadget has the scoop and pics on this one, reporting: "Chicklet keyboard, check. Tiny pointing nub, check. Looks like this is Sony's Vaio P series ultraportable on display at CES.

"By on display we mean, on display as these shots were taken off the display monitors here at CES. Engadget was first in the world to reveal the P from the FCC specs so it seems only fitting that we bring you the first authenticated pictures dontchathink? The Sony Picturebook... it lives again at CES!"