Jabra unveils new speakerphones targeting hybrid workers

jabra speak2 75
(Image credit: Jabra)

Audio specialists Jabra have launched a new range of portable speakerphones, also known as conference phones following on from its successful Speak range and designed for hybrid working.

The new Speak2 range includes Speak2 75, Speak2 55 and the Speak2 40, which the company says are "engineered for the hybrid worker who wants to hear and be heard in the most productive way....(and) designed to handle anything a busy hybrid working day throws at it."

All three speakerphones feature full duplex audio, which helps to create the sense that all speakers are present in the same room, and come equipped with four beamforming microphones with noise cancelling technology.

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Full immersion

Among the other features in the Speak2 range are Voice Level Normalisation technology, which eliminates the need to raise your voice when talking according to Jabra, and super-wideband audio.

The company also claims its new speakerphones are suitable for all workplace scenarios, such as "conference meetings, direct calls, streaming media, presentation or other." 

All the new products are designed to work with the most popular video conferencing software, and pack IP64-rated protection from dust and water in case of such situations.

When it comes to connectivity, the Speak2 40 connects via USB A or C, as it has both connector types integrated within its included cable. The Speak2 55 and 75 also have this, but can also be used wirelessly too.

The range-topping Speak2 75 has an exclusive Microphone Quality Indicator, a ring around the speaker that lights up to show how well a user's voice is being picked up to give peace of mind that they are being heard. 

It also has super-wideband audio that reveals a greater range of frequencies, thanks to the full range 65mm speaker for a "dramatically more powerful audio experience", according to Jabra.

The Speak2 75 is also made from up to 33% sustainable materials for the mechanical parts (the 40 and 55 have more than 50%), easy connection with Microsoft Swift Pair and Google Fast Pair, and up to 32 hours of wireless battery life. The 55 has up to 12 hours, and the 40 is USB powered only with no wireless option.

Jabra says the Speak2 range will be available from the end of March 2023, and prices are: £297/€339 for the 75, £144/€169 for the 55 and £127/€149 for the 40. 

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