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Microsoft's new 'Spartan' web browser exposed

This is what Microsoft's IE currently looks like on Windows 10.
This is what Microsoft's IE currently looks like on Windows 10.

The first picture of what appears to be Microsoft's new web browser, Spartan, has been published online.

A screenshot of the application, which will apparently be pitched as a complement rather than a replacement for Internet Explorer, has been published by BGR.

It shows Facebook being accessed and a rather minimalist user interface with, shall we add, big buttons for navigation and setup.

The emphasis on the visual and tactile aspects is obvious. The buttons carry no labels and the arrows, for example, are cleverly located at either side of the address bar.

According to BGR's source, the screenshot showed an old version of the Spartan browser, one that launched in November with a third version apparently released by the end of the year.

The same source claims that users will be able to control the browser using voice commands which makes it a great candidate for mobile platforms.

BGR's deep throat also added that users will be able to run different browsers "inside it, with the push of a button".

The browser would be able to show four different views of the same website (e.g. desktop, mobile etc) although it's difficult to see what purpose it would serve except for developers.