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Kutcher beats CNN to million Twitter mark

Ashton Kutcher is the king of Twitter
Ashton Kutcher is the king of Twitter

Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher has beaten the might of CNN to become Twitter's first-ever user with a million followers.

The newly crowned 'twillionaire' managed to hit a million followers this Friday morning, some 30 minutes before CNN did the same. While this could be seen as a bit of a vanity project for both Kutcher and CNN, there was a charitable contribution at the heart of it.

Kutcher announced that he would donate 10,000 mosquito bed nets to charity for World Malaria Day in late April if he beat CNN. The news agency has agreed to do the same.

Million people need to be thanked

Kutcher celebrated his win with champagne and friends, including his wife Demi Moore, over a live video stream, saying: "We are over a million. CNN is still trying to get there. And that is just how it goes. There are a million people that need to be thanked for this."

Electronic Arts recently said it would help with the race to a million Twitter followers, by offering the lucky one millionth follower every game the company puts out in 2009 and have their likeness added to The Sims 3.