TechRadar gets to cut ribbon at new data centre


Data centre space in Central London has just received a significant boost after City Lifeline cut the ribbon on a new data hall at its Shoreditch base.

The new hall brings a much needed uplift in capacity at the site right in the heart of London's Tech City and a member of the TechRadar team, Kane Fulton, was on hand to cut the ribbon to open the new facility.

"The reason for opening a new data hall is to meet demand. City Lifeline has plenty of space to expand on its existing site and this is the first phase of a much larger expansion in progress to meet and succeed the requirements of our customers. The new Shoreditch Data Hall will enable the need for highly connected central London colocation for the next year or so, until the next phase is ready," said Roger Keenan, MD of City Lifeline.

City Lifeline's new data hall has been designed with resilience and reliability in mind and the cooling systems are all-DX (direct expansion) to make sure the small amount of space available is used to its highest potential. Power, meanwhile, comes from a new 10,000 volt supply and there is capacity in this to be used when more expansion takes place, such as a second hall that will be built out once the first hall is at capacity.

Eventually the new data hall will increase the efficiency of the entire City Lifeline operation and it's expected to function with the same operations staff that handle the existing data halls and private suites.

Cloud and comms

Customers that will take up the new space will be similar to City Lifeline's current base that is made up of communications and cloud firms. The data centre is also perfect for those need to be in Central London whilst at the same time specialising in data communications, voice telephony and cloud computing.

In terms of the future, the data hall is in a conservation area, however, City Lifeline confirmed that it already has formal planning permission for an extension at the rear should demand dictate that more space is needed.