Sage to redesign 50 Accounts accounting package

Sage 50 heads to the cloud

Times are changing and it doesn't come as a surprise that Sage is planning to offer a cloud-based version of its popular Sage 50 accounts package across a number of platforms.

The overhaul, which is part of a much wider redesign, is expected to happen later this year and is expected to cut the time to navigate to tasks by almost half.

The Sage 50 Accounts package will also offer a Sage Drive, which the company described as a selection of mobile apps designed for use by specific members of a business.

Users will also be able to store data handed by Sage across a number of secure servers based all over the world. Firms are expected to pay a monthly per user fee of £25; currently, Sage only offers 50 Accounts on a traditional one-off license fee from £641 ex VAT.

Lee Perkins, managing director of Sage UK's start-up and small business division, said "Sage 50 Accounts is one of the most trusted finance management packages in the UK, and today Sage has made it even better with new capabilities users will love."

Earlier this month, Sage added cloud functionality to its mid-market ERP solution. ERP X3 will be launched in the US first before rolling out globally later this year with a number of mobile-focused features.

Desire Athow
Managing Editor, TechRadar Pro

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