Improved OneDrive backup features are on the way for Windows 10


We're all aware of how important backups are, and of course Microsoft offers a basic level of backup functionality with OneDrive – and apparently the scope of Redmond's cloud backups could be about to expand with Windows 10.

As Windows Central reports, a screenshot of a leaked build of Windows 10 shows extra options for OneDrive in terms of backing up not just files, but also various settings.

In this spilled build the settings for OneDrive also include a switch which allows the user to enable the backup of 'settings like my Start screen layout, accounts, and passwords'.

This feature should, in theory, be arriving in a preview build down the line, for Insiders to check out. Although there's no guarantee that the idea hasn't been scrapped, as is always the case with leaked features.

It will certainly be a nifty addition if it does come through, and for one thing, Windows 10 users won't have to go to a third-party service for a password manager any longer.

Of course, what many folks are really waiting for with OneDrive on Windows 10 is the return of placeholders which were stripped out from Microsoft's newest OS (they're in Windows 8.1). There is still no firm news on that front, although it's certainly something that is expected to be fixed with the Redstone update which is currently in the pipeline.

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