Box launches app onto marketplace

Clouds and Box pair up in the cloud

File storage and collaboration service Box is spreading its tentacles into more cloud services, this time via a new app for use on's CRM platform.

The app gives Salesforce users access to all of's collaboration features without them having to leave the Records section, including Box Edit, comments, tasks and access management. It also allows users to preview files from within Records and provides simplified navigation through an entire Box folder tree.

Other features include the ability to search Box content and share files across the platform, add comments and actions to specific documents, and access partner apps from within Salesforce.

It was created with Box Embed, a framework that allows services to integrate Box's features using HTML5, and replaces an older app that had more limited functionality.

Extended audience

The integration opens Box up to a potential audience of 1.7 million customers that have installed the Salesforce AppExchange apps marketplace, while Box itself has over 150,000 business customers.

Box CEO and co-founder Aaron Levie said his company would build upon its platform's integration with Salesforce.

Box recently told TRPro that it expects its developer community to play a growing role in the expansion of its European business.

David Quantrell, Senior VP and General Manager, Europe for Box, said the platform has built a community of developers that use its platform, often without its brand name, in the creation of specialised apps.

Kane Fulton
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