Adobe hooks up Anywhere for video with Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud
It's being joined by Anywhere for Video

Adobe has added a new element to its Creative Cloud with Anywhere for Video, a service designed for teams collaborate on and share video productions over the internet.

Adobe Anywhere is hosted on premise, with software installed on a cluster of servers and powered by two core components.

The first, Adobe's Collaboration Hub, contains project information and metadata, manages user access, and allows team members to access and work on the same project files simultaneously.

They can do so by logging into the latest versions of Adobe's Creative Cloud (CC) Suite of apps, including Premier Pro CC and Preclude CC, and connecting to their business's central server. Adobe said support for After Effects CC is set to follow later this year.

Engine power

Adobe said that its CC apps are powered by the service's second core component, the Mercury Streaming Engine, a technology used to stream GPU-accelerated effects found in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Preclude CC sequences.

The company claimed that the engine removes the headache of spending hours transferring or duplicating large files.

Jim Guerard, vice president of Enterprise Solutions at Adobe, said the new service makes it possible for filmmakers and broadcasters to work together with centralised media and assets, allowing remote users to work jointly from virtually anywhere.

Businesses need to contact Adobe for details on pricing and availability.

Kane Fulton
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