HP’s most powerful workstation sits in the datacenter: up to 18-core CPU with Quadro RTX

(Image credit: HP)

For most people, a workstation is associated with a high-performance desktop computer, but work from home to a large degree redefines many common things. HP has introduced its new workstation that is designed specifically to sit in the datacenter and enable remote workers to run performance-hungry workloads. 

Accessing regular workstation remotely is possible using special software, but managing such machines is not always optimal. Furthermore, each workstation can only be used by a single person. Moreover, at times such work poses security risks because devices used to access workstations may or may not be perfectly secure.

Up to 18-cores

HP’s ZCentral 4R workstation is specifically designed to be used remotely. The machines reside in the datacenters and they are easy to manage by IT personnel using ZCentral Connect software. The workstation can be accessed using HP’s receiving software for Apple’s MacOS, Microsoft’s Window and Linux operating systems. The box has sophisticated security features such as HP’s Sure Sense (an AI-based threat detection solution), HP’s Sure Click, automated BIOS protection and so on.  

(Image credit: HP)

HP’s ZCentral 4R is based on Intel’s Xeon W processor with up to 18 cores and can be equipped with Nvidia’s Quadro RTX 8000 graphics card or two mid/entry-level GPUs. Performance wise, HP’s ZCentral 4R is less powerful than Apple’s rack-mounted Mac Pro that can be equipped with up to a 28-core CPU, but HP’s ZCentral 4R is a relatively compact 1U machine, so owners may install more such machines into their datacenters. 

HP plans to start sales of its ZCentral 4R machines on October 19. Prices will vary depending on configurations. 

(Image credit: HP)

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