HP will pay you compensation if you bought the wrong printer ink

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EU-based HP printer owners could be in for a windfall after the company confirmed it would compensate some as a consequence of being unaware that their printers were enabled with the “Dynamic Security” feature.

The feature in question limited printers’ functionality when using third-party cartridges with non-HP chips or circuitry.

The settlement, which comes from a total fund of $1,35 million comes after a legal claim against HP from advocacy group Euroconsumers

What actually happened?

Dynamic Security was an HP firmware update rolled out to devices which in many cases limited printing capacity without their prior knowledge, and also stopped users from using third-party ink cartridges which didn't include the company's necessary proprietary technology.

HP has since rectified the issue by issuing a new firmware update for some of its printers.

Though the parties have agreed not to continue legal action, the agreement does not represent an acknowledgment of any fault or wrongdoing by HP.

Consumers in Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Portugal are eligible to receive settlement compensation for certain HP printer models purchased between September 1, 2016, and November 17, 2020.

If you happen to hail from any of those regions, you can find more information about what you are entitled to and how to submit your compensation claims here.

The legal dispute comes against a backdrop of HP attempting to diversify its product offerings.

The company's printing volumes took a relatively significant hit over the pandemic and currently stand at about 80% of what it projected before the pandemic started, according to a recent speech made by HP chief executive Enrique Lores.

These initiatives included offering a subscription-based paper delivery service for its Instant Ink subscribers.

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