How Eufy RoboVacs let you clean from your couch

Eufy RoboVac G30 Verge cleaning cream carpet next to user
(Image credit: Eufy)

Whether it’s from working hard, raising a family, or even studying, everyone is busy these days, and sometimes it feels like we’re only getting busier. 

Time to do what we want, even if that’s just sitting and relaxing after a long day, is precious - and the last thing most people want to do instead is clean. 

That’s where the Eufy RoboVac range comes in — a sleek, clever little robot vacuum cleaner that’s designed to banish dust and debris from your home in the fastest, most efficient (and quietest) way possible.

Available from for just £199, it’s the ultimate functional accessory to help keep your home looking its best. Here’s why:

Powerful enough alone

As a market leader in the wider smart home market, Eufy knows a thing or two about building devices that do their job - and robot vacuum cleaners are no exception to this rule.

Take, for example, the Eufy Robovac G30 Verge, which far from disappoints thanks to its 2000Pa of suction power, ensuring that all debris unfortunate enough to cross its path will be taken care of without human intervention. 

Not only that, but like the entire Eufy RoboVac range, it can unleash this suction power across different surface types thanks to its special Path Tracking Sensor and BoostIQ technology.

Their path tracking technology means Eufy’s devices can adapt to changes in surfaces, ensuring they perform efficiently whether on a carpet or hard-wood floor. With BoostIQ, Eufy vacuums ramp up the power within 1.5 seconds when extra suction is needed, leaving you with the best clean.

From tiles and floorboards to carpets and more, you can rest assured the RoboVac will have it covered - leaving you to catch up with some much-needed me-time.

Master navigator

Eufy RoboVac G30 Verge moving from carpet to hard wood floor

(Image credit: Eufy)

All that power counts for nothing if it’s not utilised in the right way. While other robot vacuums opt for random path navigation, RoboVac devices take a far more intelligent approach. 

The range-wide Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0 system includes nine built-in infrared sensors to monitor surroundings and avoid collisions, along with the clever Path Tracking Sensor. 

Eufy RoboVac devices also feature drop-sensing technology to prevent them from dropping off steps, stairs, and other edges. 

The upshot of all this tech is that the RoboVac can accurately plan its routes in a more methodical way. Not only does this make for a faster, more efficient clean, but it also allows for greater coverage and cleaner floors, ensuring that every inch is covered.

Having said that, there are some places which you’d rather leave untouched. Whether it’s your skittish cat’s special lounging area or your child’s playmat, you can use the included special boundary strips to create custom borders which the G30 Verge’s special sensors can detect, excluding any desirable no-go areas from its route. You can remove or change these borders at any time too, making for a flexible and future-proof system.

Cleaning with the power of your voice

The G30 Verge is clever enough to work with both Alexa and Google Assistant, letting you control it without having to lift a finger. 

There’s something incredibly rewarding about asking a robot to clean your floors without even leaving the couch, and we’re embracing it with open arms. 

You can also use the accompanying app to monitor when and where any RoboVac device has cleaned, providing you with a detailed report history. 

User maps out RoboVac's route on mobile app

(Image credit: Eufy)

If that wasn’t enough, you’ll get friendly reminders and status updates directly from your unit. 

One of these is the ability to let you know that the battery is low and that it’s heading back to its charging station. Once it’s charged back up to 80%, it’ll automatically travel back to where it was, and carry on where it left off. 

Quiet and nimble

The G30 Verve has been designed from the ground up to offer as quiet a clean as possible. 

As a result, it’s no louder than a microwave, letting you carry on watching TV, listening to music, or taking Zoom calls without worrying about being rudely interrupted. 

Thanks to its slim build and reduced height of only 2.85 inches, it can clean under low-lying furniture with ease too. Combined with its quiet operation, you’ll barely even know it's there.

Today you can save £50 on selected Eufy Robovacs by when shopping Eufy at - throw in 12 months’ worth of product support and friendly, easy-to-reach assistance, and a Eufy robotic vacuum cleaner is all set to become your new best friend. 

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