HMD Connect Pro is a fully global roaming platform for businesses

(Image credit: Pixabay)

HMD Global is expanding its service offering through the launch of a global roaming platform for enterprises that promises to mass manage SIM deployments and provide greater control over costs.

The Finnish firm, which manufactures Nokia mobile phones under licence, recently secured $230 million in additional funding to diversify its offering and enter new markets.

It also wants to expand its interests in the enterprise sector.

HMD Global enterprise

“Our success in the enterprise space demonstrates the trust that businesses, large and small, have in our products,” said Janne Lehtosalo, VP Services, HMD Global.

“As we undergo a business transformation into a holistic mobile devices and services company, building further into service offerings, HMD Connect Pro was the natural next step in this journey. We’re providing a near-limitless global roaming experience for enterprise customers with security and ease of use for both IT professionals and end-users at the forefront.”

HMD Connect Pro lets businesses manage SIM cards in smartphones and IoT devices from a single web-based platform across 600 networks in 160 countries.

Real time data and flexible pricing models provide organisations with the necessary visibility and flexibility to optimise spend. Further customisation is enabled by the ability to manage SIMs on an individual or group level.

What’s more, administrators can also activate or deactivate SIM cards with one click and IMEI lock means a notification is sent if the SIM is used in another device.

The company says the expansion into services complements its push into the enterprise device segment. There are now more than 20 Nokia handsets enrolled in the Android Enterprise Recommended (AER) programme, which promises a minimum standard of security and business capability.

“Same as with the security expectations of Nokia phones from consumers around the world, our enterprise customers cannot take any risks with security or functionality,” added Andrej Sonkin, General Manager of Enterprise Business, HMD Global. “With the launch of HMD Connect Pro, we are able to further grow in this space and offer businesses a secure and dependable solution that they can rely on.”

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