Hitman 3's infinite murder box mode finally has a release date

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The worst thing about the excellent Hitman 3 was that it had to end. Developer IO Interactive could only make so many levels, the slackers. Now, though, the developer has announced a release date for a new, endless assassination campaign: Freelancer mode.

The unique Freelancer Mode will come as part of a patch for all current and future owners of Hitman 3. Taking place after the events of the main game, you step back into the shiny shoes of Agent 47, enjoying the quiet life – or what counts as a quiet life for a globetrotting killer. 

This new mode shows you what the day-to-day life of the contract killer is like: taking on a steady stream of lowkey missions and scratching out lower-level targets. You will be able to kit out his safehouse and prepare weapons to take with him on contracts that will span the globe; we’ll be getting to run amok in 19 unique locations, as a matter of fact.

The closed beta test ended on November 7, but don’t worry if you didn’t manage to swipe an invite. IO Interactive's winter roadmap has helped us aim down our sights more effectively, so you can expect to load into the roguelite Freelancer mode from January 26, 2023. 

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Set up shop

Freelancer is quite different from the main campaign. Rather than playing through scripted missions, you are given a procedurally generated set of stages to complete. The winter roadmap details that all contracts will be taken up from your one-stop shop for all things freelance: your safe house. 

You’ll be selecting from a range of contracts, each consisting of multiple missions which you can complete in any order, though you must complete them all (or die trying) before you return to your safe house. If you’re successful, you’ll get a fat stack of blood money to spend on redecorating your safe home away from home.

Although the maps may look familiar, be on your guard. Freelancer mode has some surprises in store, including brand new NPCs and helpful Suppliers that can help Agent 47 reach his target. Conversely, they could end up betraying him in the end. You’ll need to watch your knife-inviting back.

You’ll also be collecting XP that will go toward your Freelance Mastery. Mastery is unlocked by completing missions and assorted challenges, with 100 levels to work though before becoming the ultimate assassin. Do bear in mind, however, that any XP earned while working through the 25 available levels in the beta mode won’t go toward your Mastery level when the full version of Freelancer is released on January 26.

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47 reasons why 

Although Hitman 3 was released only last year, it will have a lot of competition in the new year if it wants to avoid being put pushed out of your playlist by one of the best upcoming games

Freelancer Mode is a smart idea from the IO Interactive crew to keep us entertained, giving us something fresh to dig our garrote into as we close yet another chapter in the saga of the world’s most hardened and acute contract killer. Getting to customize his house is just the icing on the cake, really.

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