Halo Infinite Collector's Edition sells out faster than Microsoft can announce it

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Wondering whether or not Halo Infinite will have a Collector's Edition? Well, wonder no more as the upcoming Xbox Series X/S and PC game does indeed have one... but it sold out before Microsoft could announce it exists.

As reported by GameSpot, the Halo Infinite Collector's Edition was briefly listed at Walmart, with no official announcement given from either Microsoft or developer 343 Industries. Roughly 10,000 units of the Collector's Edition were made available at the online retailer which sold out almost instantaneously.

Costing $169.99, the Collector's Edition bundle is filled to the brim with Halo Infinite goodies seemingly designed with the quintessential Halo fan in mind. Alongside the full game contained in a steelbook case, the Collector's Edition features an Energy Sword desk lamp, Plasma Pistol bottle opener, lanyards, patches, a miniature artbook and a note from the developer among other collectibles.

Halo Infinite Collector's Edition items

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The listing is still available to view on Walmart's website, suggesting that further stock could be supplied for the Halo Infinite Collector's Edition. However, as the game itself releases on December 8, 2021, don't count on any Black Friday or Xbox Series X Cyber Monday deals slipping through.

It's possible that Walmart could have mistakenly listed its stock of the Collector's Edition early, as neither Microsoft or 343 Industries has made an official announcement of its existence at that point. 

If and when they do, we expect that more stock will be available at other retailers, potentially Best Buy, Amazon, Currys, Game and more.

Analysis: Bad news all around for collectors

Halo Infinite Xbox Series X

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As you might have guessed, price scalpers wasted absolutely no time buying up the Halo Infinite Collector's Edition, and many are now selling it back at a premium on sites like eBay. Scalpers did the same with the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X, selling the limited edition console at massive markups, according to GameSpot.

It's far from the only time similar events have occurred. Collector's Editions and the like tend to sell out absurdly quickly. Another example includesthe recently announced Elden Ring Collector's Edition shown off during the November 4 gameplay preview, which is already fiendishly hard to buy online.

What's frustrating is that many of these Collector's Editions can make excellent Christmas and holiday gifts for fans, but the sad reality is that it's all too easy for scalpers to muscle in and buy the stock for themselves to sell back at inflated prices. Halo Infinite's Collector's Edition is far from the first instance of this happening, and it certainly won't be the last.

Ultimately, though, both Microsoft and Walmart could have had better communication throughout this ordeal. The retailer had listed the product before it was even announced, which we doubt was intentional. And if it was, only people in the know in advance, or lucky customers who just happen to be on Walmart's site at the time, would have the slightest chance of purchasing the product.

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