Google wants to make managing hybrid cloud a lot easier

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Google Cloud is previewing a new tool it says that gives network administrators a single pane of glass to seamlessly network on-premise and cloud-based services. 

The new Network Connectivity Center (NCC) approaches the complexities of the increasing number of cloud-first hybrid environments from the vantage point of harried network admin who usually have to configure all sorts of complex network permutations to deliver a seamless user experience. 

The NCC is pitched as a unified network management tool that organizations can use to create, connect, and manage their heterogeneous deployments.

Network management

“Network Connectivity Center serves as a vantage point to seamlessly connect VPNs, partner and dedicated interconnects, as well as third-party routers and Software-Defined WANs, helping you optimize connectivity, reduce operational burden and lower costs—wherever your applications or users may be,” said Rohith Ramkumar, Product Manager for Cloud Networking at Google.

Ramkumar explains that NCC will help configure and manage networks across the cloud, on-prem data centers, and branch locations. He adds that NCC leverages Google’s global infrastructure to help transfer data across the hybrid network over VPN

The NCC also works in conjunction with Google’s Network Intelligence Center to enable users to visualize and monitor their network. 

Google hasn’t announced the pricing information for the NCC since the tool is currently available as a preview. While Google Cloud users can use the tool, there’s no information about when it will be generally available.

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