Google Docs update eliminates an extremely common frustration

Google Docs logo
(Image credit: Google)

Google Docs is set to receive an update that will help users locate tools and features more easily, especially those buried deep in menus.

The cloud-based word processor will benefit from three main changes: shortened menus for easier navigation, a reorganisation of items within those menus, and more prominent icons to help users find them quicker.

Anyone who relies on Google's office software for school, work or personal use will appreciate how easy navigation should now be. 

Google Docs

A look at the improved menus in Google Docs  (Image credit: Google)

"For features that have been reorganized, we hope that their new menu location will be more intuitive and make it easier and faster to navigate the product," said Google. 

"In particular, Apps Script-related functionality is now grouped under the new 'Extensions' menu. This includes access to the Apps Script IDE as well as management of add-ons."

Google plans to complete the rollout by the end of May. 

Always improving 

Google has made a number of changes to Docs recently, including adding an "inclusive content" warning that promptly began to suggest unhelpful things and/or ignore genuinely problematic pieces of text.

Google also recently boosted the Docs feedback system, something that is really useful for teams working remotely who want to collaborate on a document. 

Although not every update is a hit, Google's Workspace tools are among the very best and the company's commitment to frequent incremental updates, delivered without having to buy a new version, is a big reason why. 

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