Gigaclear and Linksys team up for rural broadband boost

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Rural homes across the UK could be set to enjoy a connectivity boost thanks to a new partnership between Linksys and Gigaclear.

The rural broadband provider has announced a tie-up with the router firmts to offer an in-home Smart WiFi "mesh home" system that should allow customers to enjoy faster speeds and more reliable connectivity.

Gigaclear says that the new platform will overcome many of the unique challenges that appear when connecting rural properties, including metal, mirrors, concrete, impenetrable stone walls, large rooms and unusual property layouts.


Its network essentially casts a ‘WiFi bubble’ over an area, giving users the chance to get online and work from home, stream TV or movies, or just catch up with friends, family and co-workers. 

The network, based on Linksys Velop routers, can be extended throughout the home by adding a series of interconnected nodes to expand WiFi coverage, as opposed to traditional boosters, which simply relay the signal.

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“We focus on building to rural areas, which means our customers often suffer from poor WiFi performance due to the stone construction or size of their properties," said James Lowther, Chief Marketing Officer at Gigaclear. 

“Linksys have significant know-how in this space and have proven to be the right partner for us, as they understand how to maximise a user’s WiFi experience. We are delighted to be working alongside them to provide our customers with not only the best broadband speeds in the UK, but the best Wi-Fi experience available.”

“The foundation of a smart home is robust, future-proofed connectivity," said Stephanie Willems, VP Europe at Linksys’ parent company, Belkin International.

"The combination of Gigaclear and Linksys will bring best-in-class connectivity to areas that need it most. We built our products so that people can have strong WiFi signal strength no matter the location within the home.”

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