Rare NES game sells for £26,800

If you have a shrinkwrapped version of GTA DS, it could fetch £100,000 in 2087... Or then again...

A rare Nintendo NES game fetched $40,000 on eBay this month, with gamers now wracking their brains about what shrink-wrapped gems they might have kept somewhere deep in the attic from many moons ago.

A rare copy of the NES game Stadium Events has been sold on eBay for US $41,300 (£26,800) in its original shrinkwrap.

Congratulations, Dave

It is thought to be one of only two unopened copies in existence. The seller, "Dave", explained that he never opened the game because he didn't have the floor mat accessory needed to play it.

"The pads weren't available when we went to purchase it," said Dave. "We never got around to returning the game...lucky us!"

"After taxes and tithing, the rest of our part will be going to a retirement account that has been decimated by the dot-com bomb, 9/11, and the recent market problems. Not very sexy, but needed."

What other potential eBay gold might be lurking in your gaming treasure trove from the 1980s? Time to get the loft ladders out…

CVG via Yahoo