Five reasons why you should own an HP All-in-One Desktop

An HP All-in-One desktop.
(Image credit: HP)


If you’re looking for a new desktop PC but you’re not sure that a traditional tower system is ideal for you, there’s a chance that the All-in-One form factor may be just right for you and your needs. All-in-Ones offer numerous advantages compared to tower PCs, and amongst the many that are on the market, HP makes some of the best. Here’s an overview of five different reasons why you should opt for an HP All-in-One device as your next desktop.

Save on space

One of the biggest advantages with HP All-in-One desktops is that, compared to standard PC towers, you save a ton when it comes to physical space. This is because all of the PC’s components are tucked within the monitor, as opposed to in a traditional case. 

For people who plan to use their system in cramped environments, such as in a college dorm room or a tight office space, the space saved by going with an All-in-One device can be invaluable. This is especially true if you’d like to use some peripherals with your desktop, as you can make practical use of the room.

Easy to take with you when you leave

Another big advantage with HP All-in-Ones is that they’re much easier to transport. Since you don’t have to lug around a big tower and instead only have to carry what is essentially a heavy monitor, they’re significantly more mobile-friendly than traditional desktops. 

Aside from the reduced size, another reason HP All-in-Ones are easier to carry is because of their reduced weight. While most traditional desktop towers can typically weigh anywhere between 25 and 40 pounds (this doesn’t account for the weight of a monitor), All-in-Ones typically weigh just 20 pounds — and the monitor comes built-in!

You get the benefits of touchscreens

Unlike the monitors that are designed for desktop towers, many of the displays that come as part of an HP All-in-One package feature support for touch control. In other words, they are fully-fledged touchscreens that you can use to create artwork with, jot down notes on, and more.

For some, a screen with touch may not seem like a huge feature to have — especially if you’re not an artist. However, it’s important to remember that even if you don’t prefer using touch to navigate your desktop, having the option available can be a lifesaver in sudden situations where your keyboard and/or mouse break and become unusable. With a normal display, you would be unable to use your desktop until you found a replacement keyboard and mouse in this scenario; with a touchscreen, you have an efficient temporary remedy to the problem.

Reduce energy costs and heat buildup

Compared to traditional desktops, HP All-in-Ones are incredibly energy-efficient and require less power than normal PC towers in order to run. As a result of this, you’ll save on your electric bill. In office locations where you have dozens or even hundreds of PCs running at once, using All-in-Ones instead of towers can be a significant money-saver.

Additionally, All-in-Ones build up less heat compared to normal desktops thanks to the lower power consumption. This means that you can keep your workspace at your desired temperature without having to worry about your PC making the space uncomfortably hot.

Easy on the eyes

Lastly, if you’re someone who cares about appearances, HP All-in-Ones provide a clean and minimalist style that looks great in any setting. Whereas a big ugly tower often looks weird and out of place in a room, a neat and sleek PC-within-a-monitor setup will look great. 

It’s also worth highlighting the fact that All-in-Ones typically have less cables to deal with, which also has a positive impact on your interior décor. After all, nobody likes looking at a big mess of wires — the less you have to deal with, the better.

Which HP All-in-One to choose

An HP All-in-One desktop.

(Image credit: HP)

All of HP’s All-in-One desktops are amazing, but the HP EliteOne 800 G5 is arguably the best. It features a gorgeous 23.8-inch HD touch display, up to a beefy Intel Core i9-9900 CPU, quality Intel UHD 630 graphics, up to 64GB of RAM, and potentially several terabytes of both SSD and HDD storage. In addition, it also comes with a slew of USB ports for peripherals, Wi-Fi 6 compatibility, and support for Bluetooth 5 connectivity. 

What’s awesome about this desktop is that, depending on your wants or needs, you can customize the specs to your liking. Whether you need a simple and reliable PC or a beefy workhorse that can handle anything you throw at it, a customized HP EliteOne 800 G5 will be perfect for you.



Item description: With endless powerful specs to choose from and all of the benefits of the form factor, the HP EliteOne 800 G5 is undoubtedly one of the best All-in-One PCs ever designed.