Far Cry 6 performance woes could be due to Ubisoft’s own software

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Far Cry 6 appears to run better on PC if you disable the Ubisoft Connect overlay, according to Reddit users.

User contrabardus shared that they noticed once the Ubisoft overlay was disabled, the performance of Far Cry 6 improved, even when using maxed-out graphics and ray tracing settings and without FidelityFX enabled.

The user has a beefy PC setup with an RTX 3080 Ti graphics card, AMD Ryzen 3950X processor and '36GB' of RAM, but they were only seeing around 60fps with dips as low as 48fps with the Ubisoft overlay enabled.  However, when they disabled the overlay, they were getting around 70fps with no dips below 60fps.

How to turn off Ubisoft Connect’s overlay

If you want to turn off the overlay yourself to see if it improves the performance of Far Cry 6, first close any games running and open Ubisoft Connect. Then, click on the hamburger menu in the top-left corner of the screen. Select ‘Options’ and then under the ‘General’ tab uncheck “Enable in-game overlay for supported games.”

When booting up Far Cry 6, the game will warn you that some features won’t work if the Ubisoft overlay is disabled, and will try to convince you to turn it back on. Make sure you check the “Do not show this message again” box so you don’t keep seeing the same warning message when booting up the game.

Analysis: Ubisoft Connect overlay has become a recurring issue

Adding to the reports of problems with the Ubisoft Connect overlay for Far Cry 6, there have been reports that the overlay has been an issue since replacing the former Ubisoft Uplay software in 2020.

A Ubisoft forum post from 2020 details issues with Ubisoft Connect when playing The Division 2. Players had problems with the overlay being generally slow to navigate and even causing the entire game to freeze when opened.

Our own Senior Computing Editor, Matthew Hanson, experienced similar issues. He found that when trying to play Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, the game would not load. He’d often get an error message saying the connection to Ubisoft servers was lost, even though it's a single-player game. When searching the web for a solution, he found that people solved the issue by turning off the overlay. So now, whenever he has an issue running a Ubisoft game, the first thing he does is check if the Ubisoft Connect overlay is disabled.

Ubisoft did acknowledge the issue last year, plus it also revealed there were some issues with the Ubisoft Connect overlay running with MSI Afterburner. However, Ubisoft’s solution was to “Disable all background applications” while playing a game with Ubisoft Connect, instead of disabling the Ubisoft Connect overlay itself.

With Ubisoft Connect generating a slew of complaints, Ubisoft has some fixes to make with its overlay to quell players' concerns to let them enjoy taking down Giancarlo Esposito’s empire without any hiccups.

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