Facebook Pages are becoming a whole lot easier to use

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Facebook is now rolling out a new Facebook Pages experience for creators and public figures that has been completely redesigned with a simpler and more intuitive layout.

In addition to a revamped layout, the redesign also includes updated navigation, a dedicated News Feed for pages, a new Q&A format, safety and integrity features, insights and more. These changes are intended to make it simpler for Facebook users to see bios, posts and other important information while being able to easily navigate between a personal profile and public Page.

One of the ways the social media giant plans to do this is by bringing the power of its News Feed to Pages for the first time. Now Pages can discover and join conversations, follow trends, interact with peers and engage with fans. At the same time, the dedicated News Feed will even suggest other public figures, Pages, Groups and trending content that a Page or public figure will likely care about.

Facebook is also introducing a new text-based Q&A format to allow Pages to better engage with fans. Followers  will now be able to ask a Page questions about a topic and the answers will be presented as a stack of questions that uses can swipe through for more information.

Doing away with Likes

The biggest change to the Facebook Pages experience though is the fact that the company is doing away with Likes to focus on Followers instead.

This is because Likes can misrepresent the real popularity of a Page as a user may have liked a Page in the past and then unfollowed it in order to remove its updates from their News Feed. Followers on the other hand represent Facebook users that still receive updates from a Page and this allows creators and public figures to get a stronger indication of their fan base.

Facebook is also giving creators and public figures new Page management features such as the ability to more clearly assign and manage admin access permissions based on specific tasks. For instance, users will be able to grant varying levels of access to certain people to manage specific tasks including Insights, Ads, Content and Community Activity and Messages.

The updated Facebook Pages experience is now rolling out to some Pages but Facebook has said in a new blog post that it will be available to all Pages in the coming months.

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