Everyone's favorite power tools are coming to Windows 11

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Power users are in luck as not only are Microsoft's PowerToys utilities coming to Windows 11 but they'll also be available to download from the Microsoft Store for the first time.

As reported by XDA, Windows users will now have an easier way to install the software giant's set of utilities which were previously only available on GitHub.

First introduced with Windows 95 and then brought back for Windows 10 two years ago, PowerToys are a set of tools that are designed to make it more convenient to use Microsoft's operating system to its full potential. 

While convenient, these tools aren't intended for the average user but for those who already know their way around Windows and want to be able to access key features and settings even quicker.

PowerToys on Windows 11

The modern version of PowerToys includes nine tools that allow Windows users to do things like rename multiple files at once, resize images, pick colors or open applications even faster using a quick launcher. One of the more recent additions to Microsoft's set of utilities is PowerToys Awake which allows you to prevent your PC from going to sleep for as long as you want to.

PowerToys can even be used to with Microsoft Teams and other video conferencing software to quickly mute your microphone or control your webcam. By using the suite's experimental Video Conference Mute tool, users can mute themselves much more easily without having to figure out where an application's mute button is.

While PowerToys was only available to download through GitHub or by using package managers like winget or Chocolatey on Windows 10, with the release of the next version of Microsoft's operating system, users can download the set of utilities directly from the Microsoft Store.

The Microsoft Store is being more heavily incorporated into Windows 11 and the addition of PowerToys to the store will give even more users access to this powerful set of tools.


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