Dell wants to simplify PC management for the hybrid working age

The Dell Vostro 5301
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Dell Technologies has announced that it has added new capabilities to its ProSupport Suite for PCs in an effort to make it easier for IT teams to manage company devices in a hybrid working world.

With the company's ProSupport Suite for PCs, IT managers can now customize as well as automate the way they support employees and optimize PCs. With Dell's new updates to its PC management suite, IT managers now have the ability to update Dell BIOS, drivers, firmware and applications automatically and remotely while customizing how these updates are grouped and managed.

IT managers will also now have access to actionable health, application experience and security scores for their entire fleet of Dell laptops and PCs. These scores can be used to identify performance trends so that IT managers can remotely take action when needed by leveraging tailored recommendations and utilization metrics from Dell's AI-powered services support software. By using a customized rules engine to define and orchestrate remote remediation workflows at scale, they are also able to predetermine who receives updates automatically and how they are administered. 

All of Dell's new ProSupport Suite For PCs features are available to both channel partners and their customers. While channel partners can leverage all of Dell's AI-driven support, tools and portal from within the ProSupport Suite for PCs, partners can view and manage the support experience for multiple organizations by using SupportAssist in TechDirect.

Dell Trusted Devices

More employees working from home, the increased use of cloud applications and new ways of addressing employee productivity have created new threat vectors at the endpoint. However, the Dell Trusted Devices security portfolio can help protect Dell commercial PCs throughout both the supply chain and device lifecycle.

Dell Trusted Devices security portfolio provides organizations with a comprehensive suite of above and below the operating system security solutions that leverage intelligence to help businesses prevent, detect and respond to threats.

Dell's Advanced Secure Component Verification for PCs allows customers to verify their PCs and key components arrive as they were ordered and built. Intel Management Engine (ME) Verification on the other hand is used to verify critical system firmware and can detected tampering. Finally, Dell Trusted Device Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Integration provides customers with full visibility of critical below the OS security events through select SIEM dashboards.

President of services at Dell Technologies, Dough Schmitt provided further insight on the company's latest updates to its ProSupport Suite For PCs solution in a press release, saying:

“The role of IT has never been more important. While the mission remains the same – keep everyone productive and systems up and running – the operations behind it have become a lot more complicated, especially with the amount of data and opportunities at the edge ever-increasing. Our approach to IT services is built on an AI-driven, adaptive, always-on foundation, taking today’s realities and future customer needs into consideration. At the end of the day, the new capabilities are about helping IT leaders see ahead, and stay ahead, while providing workforces around the world the ability to continue collaborating and innovating without disruption.”

All of the new ProSupport for PC capabilities announced by Dell will be available to both new and existing customers directly and through channel partners worldwide starting on October 19 while Advanced Secure Component Verification is available today for US federal customers and on select Dell commercial PCs.

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