Death Stranding dev teases a more mainstream game – but what could it be?

Death Stranding's protagonist Sam Porter Bridges gazing forward
(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

Auteur games developer Hideo Kojima has talked a bit more about his upcoming projects, describing one of them as a AAA game that everyone can enjoy.

The game director of Death Stranding made an appearance on NHK Radio in Japan, with the details translated and reported by Twitter user Genki.

Kojima also mentioned that he'd like to make a smaller project, one that isn't open-world or a shooter, and that his studio, Kojima Productions, is working on an anime series. He doesn't appear to say whether the anime is an original IP or if it will be based on Death Stranding.

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It's unclear whether this AAA game is related to any of Kojima's previously reported projects. Last April, it was claimed that he had entered a new partnership with Microsoft, which could point to an Xbox Series X/S exclusive title.

A sequel to Death Stranding is also likely to be on the cards, with Norman Reedus (who played the game's main character Sam Bridges) saying that Death Stranding 2 was being negotiated (thanks IGN Brazil).

Considering Death Stranding's rather polarising reception, it's unlikely that the sequel is what Kojima is referring to as a game everyone can enjoy, unless he plans on completely overhauling the core gameplay. With Kojima, though, you never really know.

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