Toshiba says scrap desktop for discount on Portégé Z930

Binned PC components
A different kind of 'Recycle Bin'

Toshiba is launching a scheme for small and midsized businesses to hand over old PCs in return for a discount on its Portégé Z930 Ultrabook.

It is offering SMBs a fixed amount of £200 towards one of the Windows 8-powered laptops on a like-for-like basis for each office machine scrapped. The company usually sells the Z390 to businesses for £838.

Companies can submit working desktops of any size to the scheme, and Toshiba says the parts will be reused or recycled through a partner in an environmentally friendly and secure manner.

The Japanese electronics company claims the scheme has been designed to help SMBs switch from using desktop machines to mobile devices.

Conditional offer

Toshiba's terms and conditions state that each business can trade in a maximum of 50 qualifying desktop PCs and the offer lasts until 31 July this year.

It adds that traded machines must be under six years old, have a minimum spec of a dual core processor, and be manufactured by Dell, HP, IBM, Fujitsu or Apple.

To participate in the scheme, businesses must purchase and register a new Z930 ultrabook. Toshiba will then recycle the desktop PC set to be traded if it meets the company's qualifying criteria.

A Toshiba spokesperson told TRPRo that it will arrange a partner to collect the machines from the business if 10 or more are being traded. If the number is less, they said instructions will be given on where to drop off the hardware.

The UK PC market is experiencing a sustained downturn. Gartner reports that PC shipments in the UK fell by 20% year on year in the first quarter of 2013, with Lenovo the only manufacturer to achieve a significant increase.

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