Microsoft: SecondLight is not Surface 2

Microsoft claims that SecondLight is NOT Surface 2, despite reports to the contrary

Some confusion this week over a number of reports that Microsoft is readying a touchscreen 'Surface 2' PC, with Microsoft reps quick to publish a denial that such a machine is being developed.

"Clearing up the confusion on future Microsoft Surface," reads the post on the official Surface blog.

"There's been some buzz in the media this week about the next version of Microsoft Surface and I'd like to clarify a couple of things. The Microsoft Research project SecondLight is not the next version of Microsoft Surface," reads the post.

What is Second Light?

"It's an awesome research project out of Microsoft Research in Cambridge that showcases the possibilities of the surface computing platform."

Microsoft wants to focus on Surface and not dilute the message with chatter about the next version of Surface PC. Mainly because the company is currently focused on "bringing Microsoft Surface to commercial customers in the US, Canada and select EMEA markets".

Plus, in typically bullish fashion, the post on the Microsoft Surface blog adds: "The current product is amazing enough that we're not looking at melting your brain just yet."