HP's new desktop will change computing forever

HP may have just revolutionized the way we interact with computers. By unveiling Sprout, a double touchscreen all-in-one PC designed for visual artists, videographers, designers and photographers, HP has made 3D scanning and printing mainstream.

Oh, and it may have made the desktop keyboard and mouse obsolete.

Sprout features a 23-inch LCD touchsceen monitor, a built-in projector that hangs over the monitor onto a 20-inch touchpad mat that can project inanimate objects onto the desktop for printing and graphical manipulation.

HP Sprout

How it works

Essentially, you can place an object onto the touchpad, its 3D image will be replicated on the desktop, and you can add artistic flourishes to the design. If you have a 3D printer, you can then print your adaptation of the object.

With Sprout, you can also run a paintbrush or stylus over the mat and its sensors will pick up your movements to create an image. You can combine and edit several images by placing both images on the touchpad and sending the combination directly to the desktop.

For example: you can create a digital replica of a paper collage whose color and shape are identical to the physical collage. Then, you can manipulate the collage as you see fit, by resizing, recoloring and reangling the digital replica.

HP Sprout

Goodbye ancient accessories

You may never need to buy a physical keyboard or mouse again (or a piano for that matter). The overhanging projector can beam a keyboard projection onto your fingers so that you can create text. You won't need a desktop mouse anymore either: the touchpad functions similar to your laptop's touchpad.

Sprout is a Windows 8-powered machine. It comes with 1TB of storage, and it is powered by an Intel i7 processor.

Sprout will be available on November 9th for $1,899 (about £1,176 or AU$2,135) in only 50 Best Buy stores, 30 Microsoft stores, and on HP's website.