Steam's user base is now 5% Mac

Mac users getting all steamy
Mac users getting all steamy

New figures suggest that 5 per cent of all users of Valve's Steam download to a Mac.

Steam's monthly hardware and software survey showed that in July Apple is starting to make an impact to the Steam user base, with the survey showing that a number of its downloaders are Mac based.

Steam for Macs was announced back in May so it is interesting to see two months on what the take-up has been like.

In the drop down for OS Versions used, it shows that MacOS 10.6.3 (64 bit) is used by 4.30 per cent of Steam users and MacOS 10.5.8 (64 bit) 0.77 per cent.

The results also showed that 46.78 per cent of those with a Mac are gaming with a MacBook Pro, while just 3.44 per cent are using a Mac Mini.

Steam punks

Obviously, the PC market is still the most dominant user of Steam, with Windows XP being the most popular version of Microsoft's OS used.

Windows 7 (64 bit) is starting to gain more traction, though, with the OS being used by a total of 29.77 per cent of PC users.

The Steam survey is an optional one, so it may not paint the truest picture of what machines (and their specs) are using Steam but it does offer some interesting insight into what the popularity of kit is that people are using.

And it also makes for a handy checklist to make sure you are up to scratch spec-wise with what the majority of Steam users have in their computers.

Go to to check it out for yourself.

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