Intel's Skylake pushes the envelope on performance, introduces USB-C on desktops

Intel Skylake processors

Skipping over Broadwell, Intel has decided to go straight into its 6th generation Skylake processors for desktops.

Intel isn't holding back with its first release either by introducing high-performance Intel Core i5-6600K and Intel Core i7-6700K chips. The two new processors both feature a quad-core design with 8MB of L3 cache.

As for clock speeds, the Intel Core i5-6600K runs at a base 3.5GHz speed with the ability to overclock up to 3.9GHz. The Intel Core i7-6700K chip is a bit faster at 4.0Ghz with the ability to ramp things up all the way to 4.8GHz.

On top of the performance increases, Intel Skylake also utilizes a new Z170 chipset, which adds USB 3.1 Type-C and Thunderbolt 3.0 support.

This is just a first taste of Intel's new architecture complete with a new socket, chipset and integrated GPUs. They are part of Intel's new Tock (new architecture, existing manufacturing process) to stick with the semiconductor's lingo.

Ready for gaming desktops

Intel has yet to announce when its new processors will start hitting retail shelves, but gaming PC makers are already starting to announce newly updated lines featuring Skylake processors.

Origin has introduced Intel's new Core i5-6600k and Core i7-6700k CPUs in its Genesis, Millennium and Chronos gaming desktops. Maingear has also announced it will also be adding 6th generation Intel Skylake processors to its small but powerful Shift towers and Drift Steam Machines.

Similarly, CyberPower is bringing Skylake to it's desktops including the Gamer Xtreme series, Fang III, Zeus EVO, as well as the smaller form factor Fang Mini and Zeus Mini.

This is just the first taste of Intel's coming Skylake fleet and we're sure to hear more announcements as we get closer to the Intel Developer Forum. Until then stay tuned to TechRadar for more.

Kevin Lee

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