Wireless charging comes to monitors for the first time

Samsung SE370

Keeping a phone charger in your office drawer will soon be a thing of the past after Samsung unveiled the world's first monitor to feature built-in wireless charging technology.

The SE370 comes in both 23.6-inch and 27-inch sizes and support for the Qi wireless charging standard that is present in plenty of smartphones from Samsung, of course, as well as HTC and LG.

Alongside this it has AMD's FreeSync technology that promises a smoother refresh rate when playing games just so long as the PC possesses an AMD graphics card. The monitor's 4m/s response time also makes sure that it is incredibly easy on the eye regardless of the task being performed.

Port-wise it has one HDMI, one display port and one D-Sub with a 178-degree viewing angle and it is one of the many devices that has received the Windows 10 certification logo and is ready for the OS release later this week. Apple owners need not worry as it can also be used with Mac OS X devices.

Faster than an iPad charger

Wireless charging has been gaining significant traction in recent months after the Wireless Power Consortium, who are behind the Qi standard, announced a new feature last month that trebled the output from 5 watts to 15 watts. To give that some context, an iPad charger uses 12 watts to charge the tablet's battery and the new level of power makes wireless charging faster.

Samsung's new monitor is currently only available to US customers and is expected to land in Europe and the remainder of the planet in September 2015 with pricing yet to be confirmed.