AMD Introduces new Catalyst drivers UI

AMD has introduced a new user interface for all its graphics drivers, which will work will all the AMD Radeon drivers for desktops, notebooks and chipset graphics products.

The AMD Catalyst software update is designed to make it more intuitive for users to take advantage of their graphics card's functionality.

Ben Bar-Haim, corporate vice president of software, AMD Products Group, said: "The AMD Catalyst software updates we are announcing today help make the industry's best graphics solutions perform even better, while continuing to offer the highest level of stability and reliability."

"Today's driver release brings significant enhancements to the user interface, making it more intuitive than ever for users to take advantage of the wide range of features and benefits of their AMD Radeon graphics hardware.

Ongoing performance

"And our standard of providing monthly driver updates is designed to enable ongoing performance improvements in not only our graphics products, but also our upcoming AMD Fusion Accelerated Processing Units."

AMD worked with design company Infusion on the new AMD Catalyst Control Center to create a new User Interface and improve usability, making it more intuitive. The software updates enable users to obtain the most from their Radeon hardware.

The monthly driver updates are free and in tests have given performance gains of up to 68 per cent.

In independent tests by third-party company Perseus Labs, the stability of AMD graphics hardware was tested against the competition. In the tests only AMD hardware and driver software passed all the tests without experiencing any system failures or crashes.