Companies are adopting SDP to boost remote working

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Enterprise VPNs will eventually make way for software-defined perimeters (SDP), but this change is unlikely to happen any time soon.

This is according to a new report from NetMotion, which claims companies are keen to adopt SDP, but that the VPN still has plenty of life in it yet.

Based on a poll of roughly 630 IT and security professionals, the report states that almost nine in ten (87 percent) enterprises use a VPN today. Almost two thirds (63 percent) plan to still be using one at the end of 2022, while just under half (45 percent) intend on using the technology for more than three years.

The transition

As for why the transition isn’t likely to happen overnight, the report asserts that enterprises have too much on-premise technology, which is a barrier to agility. More precisely, 98 percent have at least one on-premise application, and three quarters (75 percent) have at least four.

Still, the number of vendors providing SDP solutions is growing fast. According to NetMotion, the market consisted of only ten providers two years ago, but that figure has climbed to more than 30 - an indication of the category’s “extraordinary” growth.

Four in five organizations polled for the report said they are now more likely to consider an SDP solution, due to the rise in remote working brought about by the pandemic. Seven in ten, meanwhile, said they were considering adopting a solution within a year.

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