Cloudflare One can monitor all your business networks

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Cloudflare has launched a new cloud-based network-as-a-service solution designed to provide an easy and reliable way for companies of all sizes to protect the devices, data and applications they rely on everyday.

Cloudflare One protects and accelerates the performance of devices, applications and entire networks to keep workforces secure even while employees are working from home from multiple devices and personal networks. 

Co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare Matthew Prince explained how the new solution can help secure today's work-from-anywhere economy in a press release, saying:

"After decades of building legacy corporate networks, organizations are left with clunky systems designed to protect their now empty offices. The only way to secure today’s work-from-anywhere economy is to secure each individual employee, protecting their individual networks, devices, and access to business-critical applications. With Cloudflare One, we’re giving organizations of any size the power to solve their security and networking needs seamlessly, no matter how their business needs shift.”

Moving to Zero Trust

While companies have traditionally used a castle-and-moat approach to security to create a barrier between their enterprise networks and external threats, that model is broken now that applications have moved to the cloud and more employees are working remotely. At the same time, employees have become frustrated with the speed of VPN services and organizations are looking for an alternative to the expensive patchwork of legacy solutions needed to secure and connect corporate offices to each other and the internet.

This new landscape requires a Zero Trust approach where organizations do not automatically trust any requests to corporate data or resources and instead verify every attempt to connect to corporate systems before allowing them access.

Cloudflare already secures and accelerates more than 25m internet properties using a global network which covers over 200 cities in more than 100 countries. Cloudflare One uses this same network scale to provide businesses with multiple on-ramps to the public internet from offices, to data centers to employees in-the-field and connects traffic using its comprehensive Zero Trust solution.

With Cloudflare One, businesses gain access to a unified set of tools for a Zero Trust solution which allows them to secure every connection, protect against zero-day attacks, integrate with their existing security solutions and monitor and manage their network from a single place.

Anthony Spadafora

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