Bungie's next game won't be an FPS like Destiny 2

A Guardian fires their weapon in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen
(Image credit: Bungie)

Despite the wild success of its recent Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2, it appears that Bungie isn’t content with making just one hit game, as it looks like production could soon be starting up on a new title.

That’s based on a job posting the developer recently listed for a Creative Director who'll be responsible for “a new 3rd-person action game at Bungie” (via TheGamePost). This Director would be responsible for working with the rest of the game’s leadership team to produce a “compelling pitch” for the new title by developing a vision document complete with features and technical specs they hope to include.

As you can tell from that wording, it doesn’t sound like we’ll be getting our hands on Bungie’s new game anytime soon – two hugely popular action games from recent times, God of War and Elden Ring, took five and six years to develop respectively. 

Given that Bungie is still working on a pitch for its new action game it very much sounds like it’s just at the start of a multi-year development journey.

This also means we have no details beyond its broad genre, but given Bungie’s history with FPS games - what with Halo and now Destiny - we could see it bring that experience to a new third-person perspective.

Perhaps Bungie will expand on the platforming and incredible puzzles that make up its spectacular Destiny 2 Raids, and create its own Tomb Raider-esque experience. 

Alternatively, Bungie could rip up the rulebook and create an entirely new and unexpected action series. Following its acquisition by Sony, it could even be working on its own take on an existing PlayStation IP (just imagine if the Halo creator made the next Uncharted).

Given that we know so little right now, there’s going to be no shortage of speculation as to what we could see next – although whatever it is, we can expect it to be a PS5 exclusive. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what Bungie comes out with next – but we might be waiting half a decade or so.

Hamish Hector
Senior Staff Writer, News

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