BT examines possibilities with EE as main consumer brand, could fold in Plusnet

(Image credit: EE)

BT consumer chief executive Marc Allera says the consolidation of its consumer and business offerings under distinct banners will drive significant efficiencies and allow EE to offer additional services that go beyond connectivity.

The telco giant acquired EE for £12.5 billion in 2016 but has offered broadband and mobile products on both brands ever since. 

However earlier this year it was decided that business focused offerings would be sold via BT and consumer services via EE.

BT EE branding

Consolidation, he added, would result into significant savings on marketing and could go even further

Speaking to The Times, Allera admitted that there was some apprehension among long-serving staff, but it no longer made sense to operate two separate brands following the integration of EE.

Plusnet, which currently operates as a third brand alongside the other two, could be brought into the fold rather than existing in isolation.  

Looking forward, the focus is to diversify EE’s portfolio into areas beyond connectivity, using the 5G network and billing relationship to offer new products and services that increase revenues and deepen relationships. Examples include security cameras and games consoles, applying the principles of a monthly tariff to spread the cost along with wraparound services.

“Why can’t you have an Xbox like an iPhone — where if you drop it, you get it replaced?” he is quoted as saying.

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