Blue by ADT launches DIY smart home security system

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Blue by ADT, the recently launched smart home security provider from home security giant ADT, has announced a new range of DIY customizable security products. 

The new range includes several flexible and scalable solutions that enable users to develop bespoke security systems for their homes and small businesses by connecting various devices to a Smart Home Hub. 

Add-ons include cameras for indoor and outdoor use, doorbell cameras, and sensors for multiple use cases including detecting entry through doors and windows, general motion, and flooding.

Users can add or remove devices making it possible to adapt the size of the package if you decide to downsize. “Our customers have the flexibility to build their ideal smart home security solution and even evolve their systems over time as their needs change,” said John Owens, President of DIY at ADT. 

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As well as its innovative Build Your Own system, Blue by ADT also offers two pre-designed options, Starter and Starter Plus. All packages come with monitoring functions too, so it’s possible to keep a check on your active devices.

Users can choose to monitor their systems independently and for free using a mobile app or opt for 24/7 monitoring by ADT professionals. The latter option is free for the first month, then $19.99 per month afterwards. 

The Blue by ADT app is also compatible with Z-Wave, a provider of smart home devices such as thermostats, lights, and locks. 

ADT originally broke the news of the Blue by ADT smart home security system back in January at CES 2020 and the launch was originally planned for the coming spring. 

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